Project One - Come & Know Me

All lyrics written by Emma & Aaron Falconer
© 2015, The Music Project

1. The Gust

Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall. Our sin sweeps us away like the wind
We're caught up in the gust of our selfishness and mistrust that leads us far from You

Oh how we need You

In pride we think we know all things. How can we be saved from our sin?
Rags and filth are our best deeds. How can we be saved from our sin?

We're caught up in the gust of this world and its rush that leads us far from You

Oh how we need You


2. Heaven To Dust

You could have left us in the dark, given us what we deserved
By nature we were destined for wrath, undeserving of grace
But You the holy and perfect One stepped into this fallen world
Taking on a servant's form, in humility

You looked to the same sky as us
Walked in the same dust as us
Breathed in the same air as us
How do we get to be here?

Our God became one of his creations, from Heaven down to dust
Our God, walking this earth before us, breathed the same as us

This is humility; Christ came down to be one of us

You saw the same pain as us
Felt the same hurt as us
Fought temptation like us
You became your creation


3. Hands of Sinners

The Son of God, the Son of Man, is delivered into the hands of sinners
Here to save, even the ones who would go on to mock and beat him
Lead like a lamb to the slaughter, he was silent, he did not resist
The will of God upon him, he saw us and loved us 

Oh Jesus, Lamb of God
Oh Jesus, upon the Cross
Oh Jesus, You took the wrath of God when it should have been us. 

Scorned upon, hanging on the Cross in the same way as thieves and killers
His love out wide, stretched side to side, even saving the man beside him
The sin of the world upon Him, He saw us and loved us
Set apart from his Father, His last breath was for us 

This is true love, this is raw love, this is God's love, we'll never understand
This is God's way, taking our place, teaching us grace, we'll never understand 


4. Darkness

What have we done?
Our sin
Held Him there 

The very One
Who created light
Now hangs in darkness alone 


5. Victory

The ground quaked, His body slain
The Temple's curtain was torn away
Trembling people exclaim
"Surely this man was the Son of God"

The empty tomb, the proof of new life
The stone to seal it was rolled aside
The greatest victory; Jesus alive

Oh, You Jesus are alive
You Jesus are alive
You've risen from death and You live forever 

Here and now You Jesus are alive
You Jesus are alive
You've risen from death and You live forever 


6. Come & Know Me

It is finished, no more pain
No suffering, I have overcome
Now take my hand and understand that
You were in my plans before the      

Earth spoke I had thought of you
Oh how I love you
Salvation's here now, It is free
No hand of evil's holding thee
From knowing Me 

Come & Know Me 


7. Thank You

Thank You, how could we ever say
Thank You, how can we begin to say
Thank You, we're living our lives to say thank You

Thank You, You've given us everything
Thank You, we're Yours underserving, we
Thank You, for meeting us as we are, thank You

Thank You, You said You'll come again
Thank You, to make good of this mess
Thank You, and we'll Iive as Yours 'till then, thank You

Thank You, Heaven declares and shouts
Thank You, all the earth's singing out
Thank You, magnificent holy King, thank You 

At the climax of it all
Right at the right time, Christ our Saviour died
Rising from the grave, in His power and grace, Jesus is the One who saves us

Jesus is the One who saves us all
He welcomes us home
To be His own
He welcomes us home. 


8. Response

He lived to die, He died for our life
What will be our response? 

What are we beating for?
Who are we living for?
Will we forget or accept?
Will we deny or will we make known
This gift that history's swinging on?
What will be our response?